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Affordable Families


Affordable Families

What we stand for


Our purpose is to secure insurance coverage of fertility treatments necessary for the building of families.

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Timely, affordable and unrestricted access to appropriate fertility health care.


Ensuring safety and protections for all fertility participants.

LGBTQ+ Support

Promoting a system of equality and inclusion around fertility care.

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There are so many exciting ways to get involved with Affordable Families. The most common way to stay in touch and interact with the cause is to join our newsletter. It allows us to reach out and share upcoming events that help progress the legislation.

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Affordable Families 

I started Affordable Families because I want to remove the financial roadblocks facing those who find themselves in positions where they cannot have families in the traditional way. 


Fertility treatments and surrogacy can be expensive and preclude many loving and caring people from becoming parents. Affordable Families aims to reduce costs associated with fertility and surrogacy treatments through legislative and community actions. 

Together we can make parentage affordable and accessible for everyone!

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